Monday, 4 February 2013

Manic Monday!!

Today has been totally crazy! I woke up feeling a little better today. Had an amazing brekkie!

This is magic porridge. I wanted to have my porridge, but I didnt want to use my HEA as I wanted to save it for later. So last night I combined my porridge with the yoghurt. the next day it is lovely!

I get to work and as soon as I walk through the door, its go, go, GO!
I haven't really stopped all day! It went rather quickly.......Still I made time for lunch

Please excuse the mess of the frittata, I cut it when it was warm. 

Dinner was yet more sweet potatoes but they are better than regular potatoes. I also made the "chicken pizza" It was AMAZING! Especially with home made chilli sauce as the base!

I was still under my 5 syns at this point and I was wondering what I was going to have....Then this arrived!!

A package from a dear friend across the pond! There is nothing SW friendly in here! It is currently taking everything in my power not to scoff the lot! I instead Synned a serving of the white Flipz and I am still within my Syns. :)

These are going to be occasional treats for us! Hopefully they will last us a year! 


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Supernatural Sunday

I'm feeling a lot better today than I was yesterday :) The reason for the title is that I've spent the whole day watching Supernatural. It's one of those series I can watch over and over again!

I haven't been overly hungry all day today so I've pretty much grazed.

Breakfast was 3 sausages left over from yesterday with some fruit and a yoghurt. 

I still wasn't overly hungry come lunch time however I had this.

A lovely chicken salad with some Nando's lemon and herb sauce.

I thought I was on track for a red day today.....I then discovered that sweet potatoes aren't superfree, so upgraded to an EE day.

I had to make a snap decision at the end of the meal and throw on a salad for my superfree.

The sauce on this is a chilli sauce which was posted in our group on Facebook. Tastes just like kebab shop chilli sauce! NOM!

Had an options made with milk for my HEA and my B was a harvest morn bar. 

Hope you've had a good weekend peoples!! :)

Day 3.....Not so good day :(

Sorry it's a bit late. I've been sick. It hit me yesterday morning.
Needless to say it has affected my day yesterday. I am feeling a little better today though. 

The countless number of Lemsips, cough sweets and something I definitely shouldn't have had! Needless to say I went over my Syns yesterday, Hope I can pull it back by Wednesday.  

I was going to have a red day yesterday however, It turned into an extra easy day by ummmmmmm breakfast! lol

I didn't want to use both my HEB's in one meal and couldn't decide whether I wanted beans or toast. By turning it into an extra easy day, I didn't have to make that choice.

I love a big old fry up at the weekend! one of these babies in the morning (well afternoon) and I'm full for the rest of the day! 

During the day I munched on grapes.....Not the best of choices, but its better than munching on chocolate and crisps.

I actually forgot to take any pics of my dinner :( It was tasty too! 

Steak with a garlic mushroom, onions and chilli topping, mash potato (made with eggs) and a big salad. 

Not a bad day looking at that. The housemate came home with some millionaires shortbread though, and with me feeling crappy.....I had a bit. It was the best millionaires shortbread ever!!! It may cost me though. 

Damage limitation from now until Wednesday!!

Friday, 1 February 2013

7 lunches 7 days Day 2

The blog is back! After asking for your feedback this morning I saw that you all prefer the blogs over the page pics, so here it is!

Not the most interesting of food days today, mainly because we do our shopping over the weekend for the coming week. 
Last week I bought enough mugshots to last me until today, after that I decided on this weeks challenge. 
So, until we do our shopping, I'm having to really think about what I'm having..........and still be on plan. 

Another hiccup in my day, I have a stinking cold! So having to factor in Strepsils into my day. Syns online say they are half a Syn each. My very kind colleague Karen also gave me some brilliant cough sweets. I can't find these on the net so I've Synned them at 1 each just to be on the safe side. Total altogether 4 Syns.

I've decided to see how it goes again trying to have another red day. I figure if I start it as red, and then decide I fancy pasta or potatoes with my meal, I can turn it into an Extra Easy day. 

Starting with Brekkie......

I really fancied some porridge this morning, but we didn't have any    
:( and, Steve said I should lay off the bread this week to see if my losses are any better without it. Hence the Weetabix. He also said to lay off the bananas too, so instead of my usual banana I had an apple and a pear. 

Lunch wasn't a great deal different from yesterday.

Swapped the chicken for tuna. I love eating fish, the other half though can't stand the stuff, so unfortunately I don't eat it very often. The coleslaw from the other day was still good too. And the fruit and yog (which I forgot to take with me) is pretty standard. 
Total Syns 0.5

I did though have the added temptation of cakes in the office today. The person who bought them in even thought about all of us on diets...He bought in Weight Watchers cakes (bless him) I might have been tempted by one if I hadn't needed cough sweets as they were 4.5 Syns a slice. 

We were meant to be having a SW version of chicken fried steak today for dinner but we forgot to take the steak out of the freezer. 

Before SW (and even during some weeks) at times like these we would have turned to the takeaway. Instead I rustled up this.

Bolognaise and a jacket spud. (though you cant see it under the bol)
On a red day you can have the potato as a 2nd HEB. You may be wondering where my Superfree is? There is lots in it. I used 3 tins of tomatoes, quarter of a bag of frozen mixed peppers and a massive red onion. This is also half of what I would usually eat. I wasn't hugely hungry. The only Syns in this was the cheese. 5 Syns per 25g
Total Syns 5

Total Syns for the day 9.5.