Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 3.....Not so good day :(

Sorry it's a bit late. I've been sick. It hit me yesterday morning.
Needless to say it has affected my day yesterday. I am feeling a little better today though. 

The countless number of Lemsips, cough sweets and something I definitely shouldn't have had! Needless to say I went over my Syns yesterday, Hope I can pull it back by Wednesday.  

I was going to have a red day yesterday however, It turned into an extra easy day by ummmmmmm breakfast! lol

I didn't want to use both my HEB's in one meal and couldn't decide whether I wanted beans or toast. By turning it into an extra easy day, I didn't have to make that choice.

I love a big old fry up at the weekend! one of these babies in the morning (well afternoon) and I'm full for the rest of the day! 

During the day I munched on grapes.....Not the best of choices, but its better than munching on chocolate and crisps.

I actually forgot to take any pics of my dinner :( It was tasty too! 

Steak with a garlic mushroom, onions and chilli topping, mash potato (made with eggs) and a big salad. 

Not a bad day looking at that. The housemate came home with some millionaires shortbread though, and with me feeling crappy.....I had a bit. It was the best millionaires shortbread ever!!! It may cost me though. 

Damage limitation from now until Wednesday!!

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