Saturday, 26 January 2013

Super Saturday!

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you've all had a good day! :)

My day has been pretty cool. I've been catching up on some Supernatural and Once upon a time..........Whilst food optimising of course! 

Now I've settled in for the evening and watching Pirates of the Caribbean, and writing this blog.

I posted earlier on my page that I had pancakes, maple syrup and sausages for breakfast. It looked like this..

They look burned here however they tasted lovely! These are what are commonly known in the Slimming World Facebook groups as "Magic pancakes" I think they must call them that because they are completely free! (If using porridge oats as HEB)


HEB worth of porridge oats
Muller light yoghurt. I use vanilla, you can use any flavour you like.
2 eggs 


The night before you make them, combine the Muller and the porridge oats, cover and leave in the fridge overnight.

When you are ready to make them whisk the eggs and stir it into the Muller, porridge mixture. 

Heat a pan and spray with frylight.

Drop a ladle's worth into the pan and cook the pancake through on one side, when you are able to get the turner under it flip it over. This can take a while to get the hang of it but trust me it works.

There you have it! Magic!

With this I had Quorn sausages 1 Syn.
Maple syrup 1 Syn per tablespoon.
Lots of chopped strawberries.

Whole thing......4 Syns (I ate a sausage whilst cooking)

For my lunch I had a big fat tuna salad. 

 It may not look pretty but it was damn tasty! The cottage cheese on top was Tesco Piri Piri cottage cheese, and even better it was completely free!! 

I haven't really snacked at all today because everything was super filling, apart from a Weight Watchers yoghurt.

As for dinner..........This is one of the reasons I love slimming world.

Gammon (though hidden by the eggs), Chips, Carrots and mushy peas. 

Believe it or not peoples this is free! As long as you cut off the fat of the gammon it's happy days!!!

I would have been well within my Syns today if the housemate hadn't have brought this home for me.

Usually I would have this without even thinking about it. Today I checked my Syns. You wouldn't think it but this is 13 Syns! I checked this out with my group leader and he said as long as I've been under Syn allowance all week I'll be fine. It was good too! :)

Total Syns for the day.....17. 

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  1. well done on sticking and continueing also synning ur enjoying ur ginger beer