Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weigh in T-1 Day!

Almost there!! This time tomorrow I will know if my week of recording everything has actually worked! 

I must admit I'm really nervous! I hear stories all the time of people being 100% on plan and staying the same, or even having a gain! Also, afraid if I do stay the same, or gain I'm going to want to come home and eat everything in sight! 

I know some weeks previously I have been totally off plan and lost, so who knows what's going to happen tomorrow??

Anyways, I digress. My day went like this today.


Wanted to save my HEA for later today, so I had my HEB toast and Marmite this morning,with a banana and a yoghurt.
My toast was without any margarine or butter, not that I don't like it .........because I don't know when to stop with it! I love toast dripping with melted butter!


Well Mugshot of the day lol.....Also the most Synful one
Creamy cheese!!! (2.5 Syns) 

I must confess when I was counting my Syns today I forgot this was 2.5 and have been counting it as 1 all day. Good job I'm well under today! (Just goes to show how you can forget what you eat) 


Tonight I pretty much winged it!

Loosly based on a Frittata recipe this is what I used.....(this recipe made 2 dishes worth)

12 eggs
5 Tesco Healthy Living cumberland sausage, sliced. (5 Syns)
4 potatoes, peeled and sliced.
Mixed peppers.
1 Onion
1 pack of lean bacon fat removed and chopped
50g of cheese. (10 Syns)
Mushrooms (If you like them)

Really you can put whatever you like in it this is just what I chose

Par boil the sliced potatoes and drain.
Brown the cooked sausages, bacon, onions and peppers.
Whisk the eggs
Add any seasoning you wish. I used chilli powder when cooking the sausages and bacon mix. 

Put it all together (I used 2 dishes 1 with mushrooms, one without) 

Top with the cheese and bake until firm and golden!

Total Syns for the 2 slices I've had 4 

Hadn't had my HEA so had this and it was AMAZEBALLS!!!!!

White choc options and my HEB 2 syns

Total Syns for the day........8.5!!

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