Friday, 25 January 2013

Thank Crunchie it's Friday! (No Crunchies were eaten during the making of this blog)

It's Friday people! By far the best working day of the week! 

Usually I would treat myself to a large bar of chocolate or crisps.....or both! NOT ANYMORE!

Instead, this is my day.


I decided to mix it up a bit today and not have porridge. I still used my Healthy extras though. 

You can't see it but there is actually 2 Weetabix under all that fruit and milk. Following the Slimming World plan you can have 2 as your Healthy extra. I also had my first green tea of the day.


Lunch when I'm working doesn't change all that much.
Today's Mugshot of the day was spicy tomato, and it was ACTUALLY spicy! (All those who know me will all know I love me some fiery food!)

It is also looking a bit sparse. The reason for this is that by the end of the week we are running out of fruit. This is why it is helpful to have a supply of fruit on my desk.....Just incase! 


There was a little bit of time before dinner yet again. Today I had a pickled egg and some pickled beetroot. 

Dinner though, was a Slimming World favourite.......

Syn free (beleive it or not) pasta quiche.

Here is how I made it.


1 packet of broccoli and cheese pasta and sauce (any brand) made up with water.
4 eggs
1 tub of cottage cheese (I used the onion and chive one)
Lean Bacon

Though you can add anything you like! It's really versatile!


While you are cooking the pasta and sauce..
Blitz the eggs and cottage cheese in the blender.
Chop the bacon and onions into pieces.
Mix the whole lot together! Yes, Its that simple!! 

Put it in the oven at 200 and cook until golden and cooked through in the middle! 

With it I par boiled and roasted some baby potatoes in Frylight and nuked some mixed veg! Et VoilĂ !

The only thing I have Synned today so far was the garlic mayo i had on top (1 Syn)

This means if I get peckish later I can have a Special K bar or some cracker crisps!! Yay!

Today though I realised that I always drink plenty of fluids at work but when I get home I seem to stop drinking alltogether! 
From today onward I am making sure I have at least 2 pints of sugar free squash in the evening. Lets see how that goes! 

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