Thursday, 24 January 2013

Week in the life Day 1


First full day of being completely on plan and keeping track of everything. 

All done and dusted and I'm not feeling hungry, or in the need to munch on chocolate or crisps!


I always make time for sitting down and eating breakfast in the mornings. It sets me up for the day and wakes me up. 
This morning I had this.

Oats so Simple porridge (Healthy Extra B)
250ml Semi skimmed milk (Healthy Extra A)
Chopped up strawberries 

I've never had strawberries with porridge before. I loved it! Will definitely be having it again, when they are on offer! 


I am terrible at remembering to make things for my lunch. I even buy the stuff in with all good intentions of making it. Even then I still don't make it!! So I take things like this.

Tikka Pasta Mugshot 1 Syn.
A lot of people think these are all "Free" on Slimming World but unfortunately they arent. :( 
However, if you stick to these rules you will be fine!
1% fat = Free
2% fat = 1 Syn
3% fat = 2.5 Syns

Weight Watcher yoghurt. 
Most of these are free, its best to check Syns online if you're doubtful.

Lots and lots of fruit for snacking on. 

This usually lasts me through until dinner time, however there are times when I just can't stop munching at work. All we have to hand are things like crisps and chocolate out of the vending machines. 

So, instead of running to them I stock up my desk with supplies.

Spare Mugshot. For when I feel I could eat a scabby donkey!
Special K biscuit breaks (5 Syns per pack) 
Bowl of fruit.
Lots of packets of different flavoured tea.

I must admit though, I drink about 5 cups of green tea a day! I don't know if this is too much but I have found since I've made the switch from coffee to green tea I've felt far less stressed and less grumpy! Lee has even noticed a change!.


By the time I get home from work I do feel kind of peckish.
Today I couldn't wait until dinner so I had some Special K cracker crisps 21 for 5 Syns

The hubby in training made this for dinner tonight.

He is a pretty awesome cook! 

This is the remaining sauce from the Katsu curry we had last week heated through with some chicken breast added and some boiled rice.
When we have curry unless we have a tonne of veg in it I can never figure out what Superfree food to have with it, so I just had a big fat salad with salt and lemon juice dressing.  

I will also have an options hot choc later (2 Syns)

Total Syns 8!

If every day this week could be like today I'm sure I would get my 2.5 stone award!!


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