Saturday, 5 January 2013

Weekend Eating....Sarah's Saturday.

We all know what it's like at weekends, on any sort of diet or healthy eating plan. 

We all feel we deserve a treat after a long week at work. 

This is where I admit I fall down on a regular basis (every weekend. This weekend though.......I intend to put EVERYTHING I eat into this blog. 

Starting with Saturday morning breakfast. This is what I ate.

You may think this is the most unhealthy choice I could have gone for......You would be wrong!

This whole breakfast based one the Slimming World plan is 3 syns!! (You are allowed up to 15 Syns per day)

This includes............

Quorn sausages (1 Syn each) 
2 Rashers of lean bacon all visible fat removed (Free)
2 Eggs fried in Frylight (Free)
2 Slices of wholemeal toast from a 400g loaf (Healthy Extra B)
Half a tin of plumb tomatoes (SuperFree)
Button Mushrooms cooked in Frylight (SuperFree)
Spoon of Baked beans (free)
1 lvl Tbsp Brown Sauce (1 Syn)

Now......... I'm stuffed! And not feeling guilty!! 


Because I ate a rather hearty and late breakfast, I haven't eaten lunch.....(because it is now 3pm). I do realise though how important it is to eat little and often. 

This is my mid afternoon snacks.

1 Granny Smith apple (SuperFree)
1 Braeburn apple (SuperFree)
1 Clementine (SuperFree)
1 Shape delights rhubarb crumble yoghurt (1/2 Syn)

So total Syns for the day so far.............3.5! :)


We are currently trying to use up what we have in the freezer however I am still within my Syns for the day. 

Mixes Salad with salt pepper and Lemon Juice (SuperFree)
Quarter of a rack of Aldi BBQ ribs (3.5 Syns)
1 Birds Eye breaded chicken (8 Syns)
2 Small jacket spuds (Free)
30g Chedder (Healthy Extra A)

Total Syns for whole dinner = 11.5 Syns

+3.5 for the rest of the day is a grand total of 15 Syns. Maximum Syns, however I have very few in the week. Plus, its Saturday night!!

If I'm hungry later I'l either have some more fruit, or a Free yoghurt.

Well that's my Saturday! Let me know how yours went on my Facebook page Slimming Geek

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